Interior and Exterior Painting

You can trust LIME. We prioritize values and hiring quality people. LIME’s interior and exterior paint services are reliable and consistently high QUALITY that leaves a lasting impression, culminating in a professional custom finish. Lines are sharp and the application is consistent. Our interior topcoat is best in class. To boot, LIME’s craftsmen are highly vetted and extremely talented.

We Excel at a Wide Range of Services

From new construction to repaint and complete restoration, LIME takes on the task within budget and on time, no matter the difficulty. To do the job properly, more than just paint is required. In many cases, the exterior substrate being serviced has little to no integrity because it has been weathered by the elements or because of failed gutters. As opposed to simply applying a coating to the top of a surface with minimal integrity, LIME first looks to reestablish integrity in the substrate as well as advise on proper solutions. Our philosophy of doing the job right led us to create a wide array of services. We can repaint or restore your custom property with different substrates properly. Your home is a reflection of you and therefore too valuable for you to expect anything less than lasting quality.

Quality Prep

Quality craftsmanship is all in the prep work. LIME Painting® achieves a significant increase in the longevity of our work by emphasizing meticulous prep. Our craftsmen are thorough and detail-oriented throughout the preparation process.

Quality Products

LIME uses the industry’s highest performing preparation and finish products. We specialize in custom finishes and lasting impressions and achieve excellent results through meticulous preparation and high- performance products.

Custom Results

The most exciting part of a project is the end product. No matter the challenge, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the toughest coating projects.

Lasting Impressions

LIME’s practices are the best in the industry and high quality is the standard. Our satisfaction rating is not only a result of great customer service, but also our ability to consistently deliver a lasting impression.

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