Who We Are

LIME Light Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on making the community a better place through community- focused campaigns. As working operators of a successful painting company—LIME Painting—it is paramount to be good stewards of profits. LIME Light Outreach, Inc. provides that avenue.
“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.” – John 1:5
The word light represents and manifests itself as the goodness, grace, and love. Light is the opposite of darkness. LIME has a calling to be the light of the world!

How We Came About

As an organization wanting to do more than just provide a service for profits, LIME Painting, LLC extended its core values for L.I.M.E. (Love, Integrity, Mission, Excellence) beyond just a concept and put these values into action by incorporating LIME Light Outreach, Inc. LIME Light Outreach, Inc. was founded with the goal of empowering local youth with the four pillars of knowledge.
Business is more than just delivering value for profits. “Business is Mission.”

What We Do

LIME raises funds that go toward local missions aimed at benefiting the local youth.
LIME Light networks with like-minded nonprofits to impact youth through powerful events, campaigns, and media.
LIME Light
Builds awareness for the local youth around LIME'S four pillars of FAITH, FAMILY, PATRIOTISM, and PROSPERITY.

Why We Do It

As a values-based nonprofit, LIME believes the youth need an outpouring of knowledge, because knowledge is power.
Ultimately, a newfound knowledge will allow the local youth to pave a path to prosperity.
Our Core Values are to be the light through Love, Integrity, Mission, and Excellence.

An Introduction to Lime Light

Interested in learning more about Lime Light? Check out this video to get a better idea of the types of community outreach activations that Lime Light has organized in the past.

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