LIME Painting is More than Painting, Coatings and Surface Restoration.

LIME Painting inspires you to LOVE your home or business. Our artistic, inspiring visual consultation shapes your imagination with a wide array of painting options, coatings, and surface restoration services–giving you the opportunity to personally express your vision. Our highly skilled artisans and craftsmen bring your ideas to life. Our proprietary concierge app provides easy visibility into your progress.

Whether we’re restoring a distressed exterior or transforming an interior space, LIME's artisans do much more than just paint. From our initial Virtual Reality Consultation to our final project audit, customers benefit from LIME's expertise, and they can check on their project status via our quality control technology right from their own smart phones. LIME allows your imagination and creative personality to be expressed to beautiful perfection on the canvass that is your home or business. 

LIME is a people-focused business. Building strong relationships is our top priority. Whether we’re going above and beyond for our network of clients or working together to create exciting new opportunities for our employees and vendors, LIME thrives on taking care of people.
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Our Founder

Nick Lopez attended Arvada West High School and left Colorado as a wide-eyed first-generation college student to work on a BS in business marketing from Michigan State University. His plan was to walk on to the wrestling team, which would ultimately pay for the cost of tuition and living. The reality was that a scholarship was a couple of years away, so Nick made the tough decision to hang up his wrestling shoes for an entrepreneurial endeavor to support the cost of his education.

At the age of 19, Nick founded his first painting LLC, and every summer thereafter he painted homes to help pay for tuition, books, and cost of living. By doing so, Nick developed a real passion and love for the craft of home improvement. In his third year as the owner of the company, the “light bulb” went off. He realized that those years of painting didn’t have to be his last, and that a future in the homeimprovement industry he had grown to love, made sense. From that point forward, Nick focused himself on building a business that would set the standard for excellence in painting and home improvement.

Upon graduation, Nick and his soon-to-be wife moved back to Colorado to start their family. Soon after, Nick launched LIME Painting in Denver. He created, developed, and perfected what Nick believes to be a game-changing business model for consistently delivering exceptionally high-quality home improvement services. High-quality people were the secret to LIME’s early and ongoing success. They have been the key to making LIME the industry-leader in customer service and quality control. LIME continues to have a strong focus on finding, partnering with, and developing the talented, well-trained craftsmen needed to deliver high-performance products.

Through it all, Nick has retained the passion for excellence that inspired him to build LIME, “I love what I do because LIME provides unique opportunities for the families who are part of the LIME team. We deliver a quality service in an industry that doesn’t always fit that type, and that quality is important to me. I learned at a young age that most consumers don’t have a reliable, responsive resource in the painting industry. Our company strives to provide the ultimate solution to that problem. We aim to exceed our clients’, and our own expectations with the services we deliver. That obligation to our clients excites me and encourages me to work that much harder!”
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Own a LIME Painting Franchise and Get into an Exploding Industry.

LIME Painting is a company that consistently raises the bar on the Home Improvement Industry. We’ve made it a point to create and set a new standard in terms of client relations by consistently delivering high-quality craftsmanship and flawless customer service. We’re constantly listening to and responding to customer feedback, and we’ve built a solution-driven model that meets and exceeds the expectations of our affluent customers.

LIME Painting focuses solely on high-end homes and businesses in the country’s best markets and we’ve developed a unique opportunity that has virtually ZERO competition from other painting franchises. We generated $9 Million in our first six years in business. Now we’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs who can continue to deliver our high standard of excellence in new, untapped markets.Do you want to be a part of a $400 Billion Industry with no national competitors? Join LIME Painting and take advantage of this exploding industry.

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